IMX Resources places great value on our relationship with the local communities in which we operate and ensuring that benefits flow to these communities from our operations. We continue to be committed to developing and maintaining strong relations with local communities and supporting local businesses.


Lionja water well pumping systems Project

Ngwena Limited, a subsidiary of IMX Resources, funds the repair of six non-functioning hand pump water wells in the Lionja A village located 9km south-west of the Ntaka Hill Camp. The hand pumps broke down and required replacement. The project was identified following engagement with the Lionja community and aims to eliminate water shortage in the Lionja Avillage community, which has an estimated population of over 3,400 people.

4.01 Lionja village water wells. Ngwena donated for wells repairs and pumps replacement

The project has broader community development outcomes, as the provision of safe and clean drinking water to the community reduces long walking distances for water, and allows more time for the community to conduct other daily activities. 

The project commenced in March 2013 and is expected to be completed in March 2014. This i project will be sustained beyond the funding support to Lionja Avillage community, through provision of monthly bills for the service that will be used to maintain the pumps.

This project is anticipated to further build on the strong existing relationship between IMX/Ngwena and the village, as well as facilitating partnership funding between IMX and the Nachingwea district council in delivering this project.

Lionja Ward Admin block Project

IMX/Ngwena Limited funds completion of construction of the existing Ward Council administrative building located in the Lionja town centre.

4.02 Lionja Ward Administration construction. Ngwena donated for finishing and furniture in the sum of 15 million shs

The building serves as a meeting point where the Ward Council, which serves over 8,500 members, and local community discuss ward development matters. It is also a meeting point for local community events such as the freedom Torch Rally and serves as the safety and security point for the local communities. Construction of this office has been completed and the Ward Council will be able to provide a more effective administration service to the local community and other stakeholders. Purchase of office furniture was completed in November 2013.This building will also be used by the ward agricultural officer, ward education officer, ward councillor, and security department.

Nachingwea Girls’ Secondary School Project

The Nachingwea district has faced ongoing issues with female participation in the education system beyond the primary school level, with very few continuing to higher education. Between 2005 and 2011, just 11 females within the district joined high schools. The Nachingwea District Council prioritized the construction of a Special Girls Secondary School to provide special support for female students in the district, to enhance their education opportunities in a supportive learning environment.

IMX/Ngwena committed to fund the construction of two classrooms in the Nachingwea district town which commenced mid-2013 and the project is expected to be completed later this year. IMX funded the construction materials and facilitation of this project. The project will help to build the education level of females in the district for sustainable development and increase the opportunities for local females to be employed with the Ntaka Hill project in the future years ahead.

4.03 Nditi secondary school. Ngwena donated TZS 15 Million in the form of building materials

Nditi Girls’ Dormitory Building Project

IMX Resources/Ngwena Limited fund construction of a dormitory building for female students for Nditi Secondary School located in Nditi village, in the Nditi Ward to provide a safe living environment while females are studying at the school, working towards raising the education standard to the ladies and in the region. The project is located approximately 4km East of Ntaka Hill. The dormitory will take 48 female students.

This project is done through joint partnerships with Nditi Ward Council and the Nachingwea District Education Committee. Ward members participate in the project by providing bricks, sand and rocks for construction. IMX funds for construction materials and facilitation of this project. Beneficiaries will be Nditi secondary school students, teachers and the community as a whole. The project is in progress and construction is expected to be completed early next year.

Broader community development outcomes include an improved learning environment for female students. The dormitory will be maintained by the Nditi community, ensuring sustainability beyond the initial IMX support.

4.04 Nditi Secondary school. Ngwena donated sports wares for the students

Community Events

IMX/Ngwena has been supporting several community and recreation events among local communities and at the district Level. These events include sponsoring the 

Freedom Torch Rally in the Nachingwea Project area which is conducted annually. Sports uniforms were donated to Nditi secondary school students, including footwear for both females and boys, netballs, footballs, volley ball nets and football nets.

IMX/Ngwena also supported the Nachingwea district council by donating some fund for the Nane Nane Farmers Exhibition Shows which took place in August 2013.

4.05 Nditi Ward dispesary. Ngwena donated building materials and solar power lighting

Medical Funding

IMX/Ngwena has been sponsoring Mnero hospital through donations of medications for treatment and training. Ten nurses were trained in the administration of snake anti-venom. The Mnero hospital serves the Nachingwea district which has a high snake population. The Nditi dispensary has also been supported through the provision of solar panels for lighting to assist the medical practitioner at night times and provision of building materials during its construction.

Nachingwea Police Support

IMX/Ngwena limited extended its support to the Nachingwea district police through provision of vehicle tyres and other parts for their daily duty performance.

Transparency of the Project

Transparency is vitally important for the Nachingwea project growth and this is achieved through local consultation and engagement in all the aspects of the project. Several meetings have been held together with local communities and local government officials. However, local communities, local leaders and local government officials normally visit the camp for learning purposes where they are educated on exploration. In August 2013, IMX increased awareness of the Ntaka Hill Project through participating in the Nane Nane Farmers Exhibition shows.

Presidential Awards for CSRE

These awards were launched in 2012 to acknowledge companies which show outstanding performance in corporate social responsibility. IMX/Ngwena received awards in four categories: Procurement Programs for the Communities, Empowerment Programs for the Communities Health Programs for the Communities and Education Programs for the Communities


IMX Resources has developed and maintains strong relations with the people in and around the town of Coober Pedy in South Australia, located 55 kilometres from the Cairn Hill Mining Operation.

Supporting Australian Rules Football in South Australia

IMX is a proud sponsor and supporter of South Australian sporting teams.

IMX are corporate sponsors of the Port Adelaide Football Club in the Australian Football League (AFL), the Port Districts Football Club in the South Australian Amateur Football League (SAAFL) and the Coober Pedy Saints Football Club in the Far North Football League (FNFL).

The “Power to End Hunger” Campaign

In May 2012, IMX Resources joined forces with the Port Adelaide Football Club and Foodbank South Australia to launch the “Power To End Hunger” campaign in Coober Pedy.CPAS Power to end hunger launch 25 May 2012

IMX Resources has agreed to fund Breakfast Club Programs that are operated by Red Cross South Australia at the Coober Pedy Area School and Marree CPAS, in a bid to ensure that school children who may not otherwise have anything to eat, start their day with a healthy nutritious breakfast.

The issue of hunger among children in rural and remote communities across South Australia is acute, with up to 5,000 children going to school hungry every day. IMX Resources is proud to be the first major corporate sponsor to join the Power To End Hunger campaign, and is encouraging other mining companies in South Australia to join in supporting this vital community initiative.

For more information about the Power to End Hunger Campaign visit;              

 “IMX Managing Director Neil Meadows (right) with Port Adelaide Football Club CEO Keith Thomas (center) and Foodbank SA CEO Richard Pagliaro (left) at the Coober Pedy Area School on 23rd May 2012 to launch the “Power to End Hunger” campaign.”.

Members of the Coober Pedy Community

IMX Resources has maintained a strong and continuous presence in the Coober Pedy region since 2000, and continues to make significant investments in the local community.

The Company made a conscious decision to build a village within the township of Coober Pedy to provide accommodation for its contractor workforce employed at Cairn Hill, to ensure that the benefits from the Cairn Hill Mine were shared with the local community. IMX offers workers and their families who choose to relocate and live in Coober Pedy, a generous local living allowance, which injects revenue into the local economy, helps to support local businesses and creates employment opportunities.

Having an accommodation facility in the middle of Coober Pedy encourages mine workers to become part of the local community, to spend their money in local shops and restaurants, and participate in local sporting and recreational activities.

IMX has also made contributions of specialist medical equipment to improve health care services at the Coober Pedy Hospital which benefit residents in the town and those people living in other remote and isolated communities in the broader region.

Coober Pedy to Oodnadatta Bike Ride Adventure (C.O.B.R.A)

Coober Pedy to Ood by bike Page 1COBRA is part of a police mentorship program to teach teenagers about harm minimisation and how to tackle boredom. A group of   riders set off from Coober Pedy to ride 200km along dirt tracks to Oodnadatta across the far north of South Australia.

Bikes are provided by Change Cycle which was founded by Ms O’Brien and involves Melbourne’s homeless people working with school children to recondition donated second hand bikes. The bikes are then sent to Central Australian aboriginal communities.

 Other sponsors for COBRA include Oz Minerals, OPAL Fuel, the Commonwealth Government (FaHCSIA) and the South Australian Government (Health SA).

Fabulous Film Festival for Disadvantaged Kids

On 10 December 2013 IMX Resources was the major sponsor for Rotary Club of Adelaide West’s ‘‘Fabulous Film Festival for Disadvantaged Kids”. The event was held in selected cinemas around Adelaide. With popcorn and soft drink in hand, all who attended were treated to a wide range of the latest movies on the big screen.

movie day07The cost for each child to attend the event was $50. The large cost of facilitating such an event is due to the need of every child who attends to have a carer present.

“It is a real privilege for IMX to be involved in an event that puts put a big smile on so many faces of less fortunate children who suffer with severe disabilities or terminal illnesses,” said Steve Staines of IMX Resources. “In a small way IMX was able to provide some respite for these well deserving members of our community,” he said.

“On behalf of all the children, their families and the carers, I extend a huge thank you to IMX Resources,” said Edan Barnett, Event Coordinator. “IMX Resources generous financial contribution to the event made the Rotary Club of Adelaide West’s Annual Film Festival for severely disabled, disadvantaged children, their families and carers possible,” he said.

The annual event is only made possible through the ongoing support of the South Australian business community. Rotary Club of Adelaide West thanks all those who make this yearly event a reality for some of the most deserving children, families and carers in Adelaide.





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