IMX’s Mt Woods tenement holding, comprised of eight exploration licences that cover in excess of 3,400 square kilometres are located on the eastern edge of the Gawler Craton within the 'Olympic IOCG Province', a world class copper-gold producing terrain.

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Olympic IOCG Province hosts the Olympic Dam copper-gold-uranium mine (BHP Billiton) which is one of the largest copper resources in the world. The Olympic IOCG province also hosts many other copper-gold deposits and prospects including Prominent Hill, Carapateena, Kamshin (OZ Minerals), Hillside (Rex Minerals), Moonta-Wallaroo (historical production), Acropolis, Wirrida Well (BHP Billiton) and Vulcan (Tasman Resources).

At the southern portion of the two central tenements (EL 4649 and EL4706) is the western continuation of the Prominent Hill mine sequence that comprises metasediments and Gawler Range Volcanics.

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 The western extent of the Prominent Hill mine sequence extends into the southern portion of IMX’s two central tenements (EL 4649 and EL4706). This zone, identified by OZ Minerals as the ‘Southern Domain’, comprises low metamorphic grade metasediments and Gawler Range Volcanics.

In 2006 IMX discovered low level copper and gold mineralisation at the Black Hill South Prospect. The mineralisation is associated with sericite-magnetite-amphibole alteration of an IOCG system.

The high metamorphic grade package of Palaeo – Mesoproterozoic mesmetasediments and igneous rocks of the Mt Woods Inlier has broad geological similarities with the Broken Hill Block and has been the subject of lead-zinc exploration by previous explorers.

Historical exploration has also discovered traces of platinoid elements (platinum, palladium and gold) in mafic rocks at the Kangaroo Dam prospect.


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